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Sean Drive - Hole 3
Don't remember what I threw off the tee, but I was short of the tee by 20'...easy putter throw on hyzer for most folks
Sean Drive - Hole 6
Flick park job with my Champ Teeb
sick ass putt for 4 on c2.
great putt. great day.
the bird on hole 6.
great duece.
the two peice on 6b.
another bird on 6b.
the tray on 3b.
great putt. for the bird
stelth mode.
spy cam jr.
parker on 9
buzz z on 9.
parker on 9
great shot.
parker on 7.
nice shot.
nice duece in the snow.
ok sweatpants and socks.
hitting mofoing chains on 17
this was life and coulda be real. super close
Disc golf
Lake rip by Walmart
Disc golf
Disc golf video uploaded to DiscGolfScene.com
Disc golf
Urban disc over by Kenai airport.
Hole #6 4-21-11
Tee shot on hole #6 @ Joseph C. Miller DGC
daemon stahlin hole 17 albion
Kenai Eagle Hole 2 - Yellow
Z Buzzz off the tee.
Kenai Eagle Hole 16 - Yellow
Z Talon off the tee.
Kenai Eagle Hole 14 - Yellow
Z Buzzz off the tee.
Kenai Eagle Hole 17 - Yellow
FLX Challenger off the tee.