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Brian on hole 18 reverse look
Moose PREtezel 2010 fall
Urban disc
me throwin at my buddies basket in rain
Darren making the chains sing
Trying some disc golf videos with my Canon 7D. They look choppy on my computer, for some reason, so hoping if I upload them here, they will work OK. ...
Get in your home!
The disc going into its home. Taken in Schenectady.
Dave clangs his first putt, then taps it in. Testing out the Canon 7D with some disc golf video today.
Playing from the woods
Darren shooting out of the woods during a round of disc golf. Taking some videos with the Canon 7D to test things out.
Frozen Toes Open Parma OH
Various clips from thurout event and the majority of the ace fund toss
Disc golf
Disc golf video uploaded to DiscGolfScene.com
vern at delavega
vern at delavega
Priesker Park
Little breezy