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Fishing for discs
Wet discs!
Melt Down
Jeremy melt down Santa Cruz hole 11
Ring of Fire putting event
everyone putting at the same time
Disc golf
Disc golf video uploaded to DiscGolfScene.com
Huckin' Discs at Flip City October 2011
Although it is apparent that we need to work on our game, we still kicked some sort of ass at the greatest disc golf course on the face of the planet....
Disc Golf Ace Messiah Hole 7 .wmv
first video ace / 116 ft.
Incredible Disc Golf Ace Trick Shot
Disc Golf Trick Shots | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBMTtTwBEsI Facebook l http://facebook.com/brodiesmithultimate Twitter l http://twitter.com/bro...
Bones' never-ending approach shot, hole 7, Russ Pond, GA!
Hole 5 @ The Arb
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Poli Poli
My favourite course.
victory park hole 10
wade "the force" parking hole 10 at victory park with a buzzz
The Fake
Backyard putt
Messing around in the backyard. My tablet doesn't like to record video and play music at the same time. I thought it was funny that right after i made...
hole 9 at goldenrod disc golf course
my neighbor who im im teaching how to play disc golf 10 years old and throws 250ft and of course my beast drive