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D.U.D. Vol 1
urban discgolf + bloopers
Disc Golf Tips and Technique: Putting with Todd Erickson
This tips and technique video covers putting and features Todd Erickson. Todd covers the basics, weight transfer and how to practice. Enjoy! Video...
Home made Disc Golf Basket
This is my home made basket. I pieced it together with things i had laying around the house. I wanted to do this with as LITTLE investment and as MUCH...
Devens Disc Golf - speed round, 2009
Who said disc golfers are not elegant and sophisticated! Here's the end of the speed round, with some artistic interpretation
The Three Sisters Disc Golf Course
Burke Lake Hole 5
Urban disc 2
me givin it a little too much Honey mustard.
DeWalt Disc Golf Glow Box
I love gisc golf.. Ever since we recently started a Glow League with Acerbinky disc golf club I had an idea to use some recycled materials i had layin... ABDG TUESDAY GLOW
Old Farm Wasp Shot
Disc Golf, Jeff White on Hole 9 at Old Farm Park in Ketnwood Michigan. Overshot the whole by 100ft with my wasp. The hole is probable somewhere around...
Jeff White on Hole 10 at Old Farm
Jeff White on Hole 10 at Old Farm Park in Kentwood Michigan. This hole is around 400-450ft uphill. The first shot was a Wasp and the second shot was a...
End of a bad round.
Video of damage to hole # 14's basket.
Waterford Woods Disc Golf Compilation
Family ace race at our backyard course in Michigan with a couple discs each. Limited by space but definitely some challenge with the tight fairways an...
Royal Oak High School Hudson Mills/Flip City Trip
Clips from ROHS's Disc Golf Club's trip to Hudson Mills and Flip City. May 2010.
Mike Tuthill throwing his bag
Mike got mad and decided to throw his bag at Blaine and Colton. CADGL 2010
HOT SHOTS of Daytona Beach disc golf
yet another short compilation video. If you want the original video in its high quality format, I would be glad to put it on a disc for you. Youtube c...
Disc Golf Fails
Some fails https://twitter.com/MultiNuke 2000rikki... 3.12.2012 4000rikki...18.7.2013 6000rikki...24.9.2013 7000rikki...15.1.2014 9000rikki...20.6.201...
Fuller Park Front 9
Beautiful Friday Afternoon Disc'n
The D.G.N. #2
Disc Golf at the D.G.N home course