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UofDG - "Disc golfing pneumonia" ace
We have all heard of walking pneumonia. Well, I have taken it one step further. I was coughing my head off at work, but thought it was just the allerg...
Shawnee Disc Golf Park
Shawnee Disc Golf Park. This course is fun to play, but is a little behind the times. It still has dirt tees, and a couple of the holes share tee pads...
Justin Disc Golf Course
Justin Disc Golf Course is a 9 hole course that was built in 2016. In March of 2017 it was updated to have 2 sets of tees, which can play a couple dif...
Leonard L Woods Disc Golf Park
Leonard L Woods Disc Golf Park is a really fun and relaxing course. There really isn't any place to lose discs at this course. It has mostly wide ope...
Ferry Park Disc Golf Course
Ferry Park Disc Golf Course is in Fort Walton Beach Florida. It is a shorter course, but still challenging and very fun! Most of the holes have multip...
Jordan driving Hole 14 at LL Woods
Capturing Driving Technique on Long hole, LL Woods, Hole 14, bombs it and gets the distance
Ice Bucket Ace
PCH nailing the mulligan Ace on 18.
How to Play Disc Golf : How to Grip the Disc for a Backhand Throw
Learn how to grip the disc for a backhand throw in this free video lesson on disc golf. Expert: CR Willey Contact: www.discraft.com Bio: CR Wille...
Some Of Team WMD
pictures animated and put to music by Dj Ian Head
Base camp, Moab UT 2009
Base Camp, Team Utah monthly 2009
Mini Aces
Lucky's Mini Tournament - Mini Ace Mini BagTag League by Acerbinky
J.D. Shanks Drive Hole 14 LL Woods
I can see from the video that my reachback is too low, and my followthru is less than desirable.
George's Forehand on Hole 14 LL Woods
George's Forehand Driving technique on Hole 14 at LL Woods captured
Mi Disc Golf State Championships 2011 - Final 9 Skins - Hole2
Thanks to Stevo who used my pocket Pentax to capture the top 4 playing the second hole of the Final 9 Skins game devised and narrated by none other th... 2011 Michigan State Championship
Disc Golf - Dubs N' D Feat. Connect
A song about Disc golf... Hence the title.
Firming up a mogul at Sunnybrook
We added a mogul to plant a basket on top of. Since the dirt was new and we knew it would settle we needed to pack it down and in a hurry. Randy let J... Motor City Chain Gang Turkey Open 2012
The Lakehouse Ace
Upnorth with Big J, a temp basket that we set up down on the beach. Its about a 300 foot shot. We throw aviar's and roc's for fun. We get to drive a ...
Independence Lake - Chuck D. Memorial Course - Hole 9
Ryan Jones hits an Ace with love from the trees on Hole 9 at Independence Lake Chuck D. Memorial Course CADGL 2010