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Leonard's Ace on 9
Blind Ace but at least you hear the chains singing. Friends of Newaygo Disc Golf Fundraiser
2010 Pro SoCal Champs
Last day of pro event.
Cass Playoff, 1st to hit a hundred footer
Started taping in the third round, pretty sure bennet hit metal every round 2011 Cass Monday Night Leagues
Paul Mcbeth Get's Slightly Less and Less Excited Over His Aces
VIDEOS USED + SONG USED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IL2ObkBBS4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EXiiXuP2hA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_9...
The Flick
"The "S" drive about 300 feet"
Speed Golf at Am Nationals / Toboggan Course
A brief bit from an early Disc Golf Live episode featuring this crazy, puke yer guts out event. A great way to pass some time, or pass out as the cas...
AAA disc golf ace Melbourne Florida
Tons of fun at the Melbourne OPEN in 07. $5 for 5 throws. Make a basket and win it. This is a clip from The Melbourne Open 2007 DVD.
Ace Hole In One Disc Golf Strange Disc Tour @ Century Park Greer, SC February 27
This nice lady got her 1st ace in her 1st tournament today! What great video caught by Z with Strange Disc Sports...Your welcome Z for me bringing th...
Goldie gets an Ace at the Sucker River
Signature hole at the Sucker River in Northern Minnesota. You can't really tell from where the camera is on this shot, but there is a half fallen tre...
Disc Golfing in Michigan
Follow along for a quick 18 holes in Firefighter's Park in Michigan for a quick 18 Holes of Disc Golf. Play Disc Golf; It's Fun! METRO DETROIT DISC GOLF LEAGUE
May 2, 2010 Loco V
Continental Classic
A C-Tier PDGA event held at Priest Pass near Helena, Montana. This video follows the lead flight during the final round.
The Chad's Disc Project 2011.mp4
I see so many Disc golfers out there doing these type of Disc Golf video's. So here is my video. It is not done real well, but I had a good time putti...
Winter Discin
Tried to shoot 24 holes at Arboretum but my batteries died around hole 14.
DJ's 360 Lefty Sidearm
Clearing the pond at Deerfield with style Mt Pleasant Bag Tag Challenge 2013
Disc Golf Montage
Just a few clips of me playing at Fairmont and Warner Park disc golf courses.
Taylor Lake Park Disc Golf - Largo, FL
Full 18 holes of disc golf from Taylor Lake Park in Largo, FL. Hole 1 :: 370 ft Hole 2 :: 275 ft Hole 3 :: 225 ft Hole 4 :: 315 ft Hole 5 :: 26...
Ymca disc golf
Up close encounter with a deer on hole 17