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new basket
me putting on the new basket from tater :)~
ript at east rooster
par attempt with bucket talking about it
grace in motion
putting and falling
Hole 8 - Herzog
Stan slips one on in slow motion! 2011 By The Bottle - Wash Slosh
Hole 8 - McGrew gets on
Slow motion of how to get on using the gunnite 2011 By The Bottle - Wash Slosh
Mackenzie Park Disc Golf Stonehenge
Bruce Kettle from Ft.Collins, Colorado 2/20/11
MacKenzie Park Disc Golf Deck Shot
MacKenzie Park Disc Golf, Lubbock Texas. Bruce Kettle from Ft.Collins, Colorado driving from the deck over the road! 2/20/11
Official NAAC Video Chapter 02
The Best Amateur ONLY tournament in the Pacific Northwest Next Adventure Amateur Championship
Official NAAC Video Chapter 05
Check out the Amazing Player's Pack! Interview with Portland Parks and Recreation, Sue Glen Next Adventure Amateur Championship
2011/03/06 Ypsi Dubs Church Disc Golf League Round
Part of the Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Just another Winter round at Ypsi Dubs - in the snow. Ypsi Dubs 2010/11 Winter League -={Church}=- Sundays
Golf at Matti's
James makes the house drive
Golf at Matti's 2
Jon sinks it
Sean Drive - Hole 8
Nice straight shot with my trusty Comet = park job