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The 2015 Peak One Mile High Classic Round 2 part 2
The Mile High Classic was held in Frisco Colorado. Presented by The Mile High Disc Golf Club and Latitude 64.
3 Tips on Saving MONEY in DISC GOLF!
I spent a lot more time on recording myself talking in this video, got all my equipment set up and the lighting was wrong when I went to watch the foo...
How To Play 21: A Disc Golf Putting Game
hope you guys enjoy this video! maybe next week it'll be nice enough to do some outside filming! just can't stand these cold windy days MAKE SURE T...
10 Meter Disc Golf Putting CHALLENGE! (part 1)
I think I may do this again on Sunday! MAKE SURE TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! Gaming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6P-3FPddPgzdQ06V9aNd8w Music ...
10 Meter Disc Golf Putting CHALLENGE! (part 2)
go try this! MAKE SURE TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! Gaming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6P-3FPddPgzdQ06V9aNd8w Music https://www.youtube.com/cha...
Rita Blanca Disc Golf Course
Home of the Annual Dalhart Dustbowl, a PDGA Sanctioned B-Tier Tournament hosted by Top of Texas Disc Golf, and heavily supported by local businesses ... Dalhart Dust Bowl II
tutorial coming soon + my style of putting tutorial coming soon MAKE SURE TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! Gaming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6P-3FPd...
Throw Down The Mountain II
This little film is to show the course. I missed filming of holes #1, #15, #16, #17. I was charging the iPhone 5 and missed the holes. There... Discraft presents Sun King's Throw Down the Mountain V (Weekend 2)
2016 SoCal Am Championships MM1 Disc Golf at LaMirada, Ca.
Keith Wolter, Tyrell Peters, Travis Garcia, Mike Lamb, Steve Civitak, Jeffrey Roberts, Chance Stephens, Makoto Kojima, Alex Mate, Chris Calleton, Juan...
Yucaipa Am Challenge 2016 Disc Golf Tournament at Yucaipa Regional Park DGC, Ca.
Keith Flight Wolter, Joe Sasquatch Turney, Kevin Dos Graves, Dwayne Big D Allen, Ryan Champ Zastera, Treevis Castle, Jacob Syn Bourque, Tones Galvan, ...
LA County Disc Golf Teams Tournament #4 at DeBell in Burbank, Ca. 2016-4-30
Ringers - Pauly, Forest, Tennessee, Fetus, G2, Keith, Kris, Hollywood. All Stars - Pat, Juan, Adam, Bama, Wess, Bob, GreenLeaf, Abe. Wrong Side ...
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #370 - TDTM 4 R2 Front 9 - Eilers, Lammers, Climo, Guice, Cole
The leader card might catch a break in the weather as Saturday brought about colder temps and rain in the morning. David Eilers and Justin Lammers ar... Discraft presents Sun King's Throw Down the Mountain V (Weekend 2)
Feldberg's Crazy Putt
Dave Feldberg shows why a 15 mile per hour headwind can save a putt when he coaxed in this 40+ footer for a birdie three in the New Albanian Charlie V...
Trojan water putt
Tim Malone makes an awesome water putt
First time bird on this hole
Ace on hole 5, Monster Course at Hudson Mills in Dexter, Michigan
Lately, we've been placing the GoPro in baskets on short holes. Today it paid off with an ace with my Buzz! It was only 175 feet (hole 5 on the Monst...
Towne Lake Disc Golf Course
Towne Lake Disc Golf Course. This course is very challenging if played from the long tee pads, and very playable from the shorts. It not only has 2 se...
What happens when you take discs to work
A week in LA with no time off to play a course forced us to come up with interesting alternatives. We putted into boxes all week, but after 6 days I h...
H.V.Griffin Shelbyville, TN
Bag tag match disc golf drives
Pro-Lines #1 Lakewoood DGC Disc Golf Flight Tracking
This is the debut of Pro-Lines a brand new series that will focus on a new way of disc tracking. I will be using Pro-Lines to show the lines of cours...
Fort Steilacoom Open 2014: Final 9 (Wysocki, Schusterick, Sexton, Vicich, Feldberg, Doss)
Fort Steilacoom Open 2014 PDGA National Tour Event Final Nine Round Featuring: Richard Wysocki, Will Schusterick, Nate Sexton, Dana Vicich, David Fe... Fort Steilacoom Open
PHP #7 - Paradise Season Opener, 2015 (Locastro, Lockwood, Albright, Hedden, Smith)
http://YouTube/PureHyzerProductions | http://facebook.com/PureHyzerProductions Sponsor: http://www.vibramdiscgolf.com Final Round, Open Lead Car... Paradise Season Opener presented by Fly Life Disc Golf
Old Man Impression
Old guy doing my impression of myself in 10-15 years. Can't stand up without falling, Can't remember to put disc in hand, and can't even make it to t...