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Moose at Kincaid Park Disc Golf Course
This was taken on hole 8 during the End of Season Finale at Kincaid Park Disc Golf Course on 10-14-12.
Disc Golf in Africa "Basketastic Travel Adventures"
I take the DISCatcher Travel basket all over CapeTown, make some sweet pressure putts and catch some sweet scenery!
Pat's Moab Ace
Literally the last chance as we were leaving.
fall disc golf at Indy lake.mp4
casual round - October 2009 disc golf round at Indy Lake, Michigan
Disc Golf slow motion backhand throw.
The Dude making a backhand drive on hole 17 at Troy Firefighters Park. The disc just missed the basket! THIS IS THE SAME GUY THAT SHOT 18 UNDER HERE... METRO DETROIT DISC GOLF LEAGUE
Putts & Drives
Disc Golf In Indiana
2013 MPDGC Discraft Ace Race
Rick Denomme hitting the only ace with 42 people playing 48 holes! 2013 Deerfield Ace Race
Camp SMASH 2016
MDGE (Michigan Disc Golf Empire), lead by Keven Krieger, is hosting a disc golf camp for kids in Belding, MI. Chandra "Chitchy" DeGood has done it ag...
Video: HyzenTV & and films Music: noeasystreet (c) Disc Golf Thailand www.discgolfthailand.com Third Annual Hyzenbrownie Open - The Flaskenpouch 2018
100ft TURBO PUTT! (easy)
I used a soft APX, if people complain that this is easy i'd like to see them try, don't use a midrange or driver, thanks. MAKE SURE TO LIKE AND SUB...
Doom Bird First Look: FD3's vs. Firebird
Graham Smith #79967 from Salem, OR and a few friends testing out the newest S-line Swirly FD3: The Doom Bird (Simon Lizotte Signature series). Speed...
DG putting practice at Laem Sor beach, Koh Samui, Thailand
David Lehmann and friends putting practice, was shot at Laem Sor Beach Disc Golf Course & Acoustic Cafe. https://www.facebook.com/laemsordiscgolf/ ... Third Annual Hyzenbrownie Open - The Flaskenpouch 2018
Tip For Staying on Top of Your Game This Season
original video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSdePmPrpSA outro by Lexie Thomas :) MAKE SURE TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! Gaming https://www.youtube...
Chain Hawk Open - #1 - 12.09.2012
The Gainesville Chain Hawk Disc Golf Club proudly presents the first annual "Chain Hawk Open" a PDGA ( B ) Event. This is the final round footage...
2017 USWDGC - Round 1 - Part 2 (Jenkins, Van Dyken, Panis, Collins, Dobbs)
Once again, BDGC is back with some FPO tournament coverage of the 2017 United States Womens Disc Golf Championships in Johnson City. Watch the back 9 ...