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Emerson Open 023
Finger Lakes Open. Jay knocking down a 40' on hole 11, 1st round. Jay won by 9 strokes in his 1st tournament in the rec division. 1st Annual Finger Lakes Open
Disc Golf @ Greenway Park Course Record Round
Course record round by Brody Cannon with a score of 17 (-10) for 9 holes at Greenway Park in Beaverton, Oregon.
Dark putt at rockwood
This was either an ace or a 20 foot putt. Since its so dark I'll asume it was an ace:)
night golf at rockwood
my 59th attempt from 5 feet away:)
Acerbinky 21 point challenge Big Dog Vs. Bump
3 points for a made shot 2 points for chains 1 point for basket
Acerbinky 21 point Disc Golf challenge Big Dog Vs. Bump Part 2
3 points for a made shot 2 points for chains 1 point for basket First person to 21 without going over wins ( go over and go back to 15 )
Classic Disc Golf
My friends and i drove to Huntsville to play some disc golf. While playing Brahan Springs (the oldest existing course in the world) we met up with La...
leverich park
me, unit, and bill
disc golf
Acerbinky Disc Golf Clubs Music Video ''Misfits''
Disc golf music video, random clips and photos from our crew. Bag Tag Challenge 2k10
bangin' chains
chad hittin' a birdie putt Mud Turtle Tagged N Bagged
birdie roller
chad parking his roller pretty much
P.O.M.A.P. making baskets
finished installing basket # 9 @ P.O.M.A.P. field... it needs an inner set of chains but all in all w/ the freebees donated to me the total cost of th...
Disc Golf Live video magazine Episode 39 pt 1: Presidents Cup
This is the first episode of Disc Golf Live video magazine we've posted online in its entirety. The episode kicks off with our own coverage of the 20...
Andy's Birthday Tag Match D.G.O.D!!!
Andy Verhoeven's birthday tag match....two courses. DGOD Super Tag
Friendly squirrels at FF
The Cannon Show
Silly T.V. Show
DGOD! Work Party 2011 (ice bowl).MPG
Work party to get Lunchtime DGC ready for Ice Bowl 2011 DGOD Super Tag
California (disc golf) Dreamin'
Try "DG Assassin!" ➤ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBtUGQiXbpQ California (disc golf) Dreamin': A tour of several Southern California disc golf ...
Jay 'Yeti' Reading Wins 'Speed Putting' at 2010 Discraft Great Lakes Open
Sponsored by The Throw Shop: www.ThrowShop.us. What a performance! After a semi-finals, it came down to local Scott 'Scooter' Slater and Jay 'Yeti'...
6 makes it
the 6 year old makes the putt