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Flying Tour - Patriots Park Disc Golf Course
Take a flying tour through Patriots Park Disc Golf Course, Grovetown, GA. This is my third course fly through with the DJI Phantom quadcopter and Gopr... AUGUSTA TOP GUN
The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #169 - Things Disc Golfers Say
Let's face it - disc golfers speak their own language. Words and phrases are yelled or grumbled, internalized or shared, positive and negative. Howev...
Mike OldStump Stump, 2013 Discraft Michigan State Championships, Beauty Course
Mike OldStump Stump, 2nd round, Day 1 at Beauty. If your Grand Kids could see you now. Well, now they can! The Discraft Michigan State Championships
2013 Friday Night Discin @ Stony Finals - Doubles
Switching team skins playoff for the 2013 league doubles title and a portable Chainstar. 2013 Friday Night Discin @ Stony
Frisbee Trick Shots | Kids Edition 2
Watch these kids do some serious frisbee trick shots! Watch Kids Edition 1: http://bit.ly/VKX1Nm ------------------------------------------- ► V...
Disc Golf Mystery Box
Go to my new channel to see more mystery boxes!! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?annotation_id=annotation_285309609&feature=iv&list=PLKyRahZGpAu52BO9...
Ultimate Frisbee vs. Disc Golf | Brodie Smith vs. Avery Jenkins
Check out the Brodie vs. Avery Trick Shot Battle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azwbRAe87Co 2-Time National Champ Brodie Smith and World Champ Avery...
Flying Tour - Lake Olmstead Disc Golf Course
Take a flying tour through Lake Olmstead Disc Golf Course, Augusta, GA. This is my second course fly through with the DJI Phantom quadcopter with the ... AUGUSTA TOP GUN
Hitting Wood Hole 5 @ Osborne Park Again
I told you I was getting good at hitting that tree.
Disc Golf
Almost aced Hole #7, Deis Hill. Then Vid 3 slows down my X-Step, I'm just now learning it, so critique me if you can.