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BACS GO TO DE LA 08.05.2014
By no means am I any kind of video production wiz. But enjoy this video of our day out at De Laveaga! HAAAAH!?
PHP #5 - New Years Disc Exchange, 2015
http://YouTube/PureHyzerProductions | http://facebook.com/PureHyzerProductions Sponsor: http://www.vibramdiscgolf.com Three teams go head to hea...
Disc Golf RC Car Rescue
After a day of disc golf, my buddy and I managed to throw the our discs on a frozen lake. Two kids with an RC car and 50 pound cat fish line showed us...
ace on 15 Pn Gauge Legacy
Aussie Open 2015 Course Fly Through
The first PDGA Major of 2015 is just around the corner! The Aussie Open crew teamed up with The SpinTV to bring you the course introduction from t... Aussie Open
grey hair old guy on the tee
Shot at Champoeg good day of disc golf.
Grey haired bearded guy tee off
The old guy at Champoeg, thanks Chris Fangor for video
Ace Run Hole 14 Woodward Park
via YouTube Capture
Pure Hyzer Productions - 2014 Highlights
http://YouTube/PureHyzerProductions | http://facebook.com/PureHyzerProductions This 2014 Highlight reel showcases shots from all 22 players across ...
Iceberg Sundays at the Oz!
ripping a drive on hole #5 on 11/16/14 Osborne 2014-15 Iceberg Sundays