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Death of my Roc
While shooting the third urban project we had a fallen soldier.
This is a teaser of a project were working on that wont be done until probably spring 2010... Hope you enjoy watching us turn Portland and the surrou...
The Nine Hole Showdown at Horning's Hideout
Playing some couples dubs with friends...... Check out the homemade baskets.
Disc Golf Drives For Distance (Field Practice)
I've seen all of us throw further but we were a little hungover.... No wind and flat terrain. Let me know what you guys and gals think. Cheers Mat
Tuesday Two's
Gregg Barsby and i filming tuesday two's and catching some sweet shots... Matt R. Aces hole one! Disc golf ace!
Dave Feldberg Crushes - PDGA World's Semi Finals
Feldberg extended his 8 shot lead to 13 heading into the final nine at worlds. Here he is, closing out the last part of his round in style. FDM flying...
Feldberg's Crazy Putt
Dave Feldberg shows why a 15 mile per hour headwind can save a putt when he coaxed in this 40+ footer for a birdie three in the New Albanian Charlie V...
Disc golf hole in one. hole 14 Frisco Colorado
my fammmmmmily..... mostly in big rapids....some caddy.
Frisbee Golf : The History of Disc Golf
Disc golf was first organized in the 1960s by George Sappenfield, and a disc golf pole hole was patented in the 1970s. Find out how the sport of Frisb...
1979 World Frisbee Golf Championship
Scott Zimmerman, Mike Conger, Ken Westerfield and Snapper Pierson in the finals from UC-Irvine.
USDGC 2007 cell phone rings during Avery's putt hole #16
2007 USDGC hole #16 cell phone rings during Avery Jenkins putt Billy Crump is heard in background.
2007 Disc Golf World Championships Final Nine Highlights
See World Champ Nathan Doss capture his second World Title
Tony Mitchell Aces Hole 6 at Hudson Mills Original
Video of Sean Morgan and Tony Mitchell on Hudson Mills Original Hole 6. Tony aces.
Amazing Frisbee Trick
Now some people think this is fake but even if it is, it's quite impressive
4 Keg Teaser
The annual 4 Keg (in name only) Challenge is back again this year, can you handle it!?!!??! Will we break the annual gallon consumed mark again? Sta... 4 Keg Challenge
Devens Disc Golf - speed round, 2009
Who said disc golfers are not elegant and sophisticated! Here's the end of the speed round, with some artistic interpretation
Get In The Hole - Episode 1
A compilation of putting and approach shots from all the videos so far. Hopefully, I'll get enough footage from upcoming matches to make more episode...
Disc Golf Origins
A video I pieced together on disc golf, it's origins, it's audience, and the foreseeable future of the sport. MCCG Monday Night Singles
Jim's amazing up shot
thumber over the trees lands right next to pin. saving par DGOD Super Tag
Patapsco Tag Match - Part 1
1st installment of the Patapsco tag match between Mike, Karl, & Doug.
Patapsco Tag Match - Part 2
2nd installment of the Patapsco tag match between Mike, Karl, & Doug.
Patapsco Tag Match - Part 3
3rd and final installment of the Patapsco tag match between Mike, Karl, & Doug.