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Amazing Disc Golf Shots Winter Edition
- Full 1080p HD Some Amazing Winter Disc Golf by (Youtube Name) Discgod2 - Ultimate Disc Golfer mcskrove - Puberty Disc Golfer Slade366 - Disc Go...
Sweet Disc Golf Ace
01-23-2010 Wilco # 11 ace by David Shaefer
Putting test
Picnic Course
Thanks to Foz for the beautiful photo!
Rockburn Hole 18
Bad clarity, the shooting is a little better. 3 righty shots, 1 lefty. You cant see the basket but you can hear me hit chains on my second throw.
BLAST from the PAST in Titusville disc golf course with Ron and crew CART CHASE.
Ron Russell, Double G Gurthie, Avery Jenkins, Dave Feldberg, JohnnyB, all have a "blast from the past"..............short......but.......sweeeeeeet!
Pure Disc Golf Roc & Aviar Bedroom
This is my bedroom. Needless to say I'm going to have a heck of a time when I move again. This place is just covered with discs. See anything you lik...
Freestyling with Ken Climo + Scott Scholten
After the Champ won the 2007 Melbourne Open Disc Golf Tournament he relaxed by freestyling with Scott Scholten.
Tournament Drive
If you play in this tournament you will drive like this! Friends Of the Park Fundraiser
Dave Feldberg at the Disc Caddie Training Clinic
Dave rips a nice easy 600 drive
Disc Golf Putt Clinic with Cameron Todd and Dave Feldberg
World Champions Cameron Todd and Dave Feldberg offer a putting clinic at the 2010 National Collegiate Championship.
Final 9 BG Lori and John
final 9 @ the Bowling Green Amateur Championships 2010
Baby Disc Golf
This is my 1 1/2 year old daughter learning that the disc goes in the basket. I am getting her started early. By next year she should be out driving...
Newbie Disc Golfer at McCurry Park in GA
This is my cousin. She has never played disc golf before the day this was shot. This was her driving off of the 4rth tee at McCurry
Putting at its best
No one can put if the camera is rolling. ha.