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USDGC - exclusive coverage by Disc Golf Live
This snippet comes from Disc Golf Live video magazine episode 30, which includes over 40 minutes of coverage from the '08 USDGC. There are now over ...
Disc Golf Slip
The Farm in Farmington Hills, MI.. after about 2 weeks of torrential rains. I fall and get dirty...And here I thought the boots would help with tract...
It Begins 09 Team Red Line Disc Golf
Members of Team Red Line tuning up for the start of the 2009 Season.
Daemon Stahlin wins 2008 US Amateur Disc Golf Championship
Daemon Stahlin, then 22 win the U.S. Amateur Disc Golf Championship in a six-hole playoff. In the final round he tied the Kensington Toboggan Course r...
Red Line Disc Golf 2008
Clips and snippets from Red Line Disc Golf's 2008 season in Michigan.
Climo triple bogie
Thanks to DGTV for this video showing that the champ is human
HELIX DISC GOLF ( ACE !!!!! ) www.helixdiscgolf.com
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dgod league day
last hole
Loco IV at Independence Lake - a Local 101 disc golf event
Here are a few quick highlights from the first event held on the new Chuck D. Memorial course at Independence Lake park in Washtenaw Co., MI. Highlig... Loco IV
Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Shot Selection
World Champion Elaine King instructs on shot selection strategies.
Disc Golf Tips and Technique: Putting with Todd Erickson
This tips and technique video covers putting and features Todd Erickson. Todd covers the basics, weight transfer and how to practice. Enjoy! Video...
2008 USDGC Disc golf - part 5
Some clips from the final 4 shooting the last few holes. Nate Doss, Avery Jenkins, Ken Climo & Paul McBeth.
2008 USDGC Disc Golf - part 4
Final day, top four card. Holes 9, 10 & 11. Nate Doss, Avery Jenkins, Ken Climo, Paul McBeth.
2008 USDGC Disc Golf - part 3
Following the lead foursome from hole #5 through hole #8. Ken Climo, Avery Jenkins, Paul McBeth & Nate Doss
2009 USDGC Disc Golf - PART 8 Long Drive & Putting exhibition
Putting contest & Long Drive exhibition. Misc footage of players at U.S disc golf Championships at Winthrop Gold disc golf course in Rock Hill, SC.
2009 USDGC Disc Golf - Saturday finals- PART 5
Misc footage of players at U.S disc golf Championships at Winthrop Gold disc golf course in Rock Hill, SC.
'08 USDGC Long Drive Contest & R.O.F.
Rock Hill, SC. Winthrop Gold. Here are some clips of the long drive contest. Final tally (after playoff): Garrett Gurthie: 507 ft Avery Jenkins: 492...
Change In The Air at USDGC 2008 - Final Round (Part 1) FDM
Nate Doss, Ken Climo, Avery Jenkins, Paul McBeth go for the gold during the final round of the 2008 US Disc Golf Championship. Flying Disc magazine wa...
Disc Golf Ace
Hole #18 Wickham Park (over water) 240 ft. Christian Rehm
Ace during Dirty Dollar$ disc golf round - Mike Frame of Brown Park Fame (ver 2)
Alternate format - An ace during a gang golf round is the highlight, but there were a lot of other great shots. Look for a story on Dirty Dollar$ in a...
Toboggan Disc Golf Course / front 9 featuring Feldberg, Orum, Leviska, Blakely
This is a portion of our coverage of the Discraft Great Lakes Open a few years ago (episode 23). The action plays out over the outward nine of this h...
2008 USDGC Disc Golf - 001
Some clips from the final day at Winthrop Gold. Cale Leiviska, Manubu Kajiyama, Kris Orrick, Joe Mela, Steve Rico, Brad Schick, Dean Tannock, Nikko Lo...
Ken Climo - 2008 USDGC First Round Front 9
flyingdiscmagazine.com brings you a pre-round interview and then follows the Champ, Ken Climo, around the Winthrop Gold disc golf course during the fi...
Doss Ascends: 2008 USDGC Final Round (Part 2)
Avery Jenkins closes to within 2 but Nate Doss is too strong and pulls away to claim his first title at the US Disc Golf championship.