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hole 9
just a look of the hole. METRO DETROIT DISC GOLF LEAGUE
Channel Z + DGTV's 2008 Memorial Highlights including one of Barry's Aces.
Highlights from the 2008 Memorial Disc Golf Tournament held in March 2008 in Arizona. Watch it all and see Barry's Ace.
Lemon Lake's Gold Hole 13
A look at the gold course hole 13.
Lemon Lake's White Course Holes 5-7
A look at the White course at Lemon Lake Flight Center...holes 5-7. This is the shortest of the 4 courses.
2006 Michiana Ace Off Channel Z
This is the highlights from the ace toss off for a basket. This was the last day of the 2006 Michiana Open. Keep an eye on Double Z....Zack Zandstra.....
2007 Memorial Disc Golf Open Men Final Rd Trailer Channel Z
Excerpts from the 2007 Memorial Men's Disc Golf Tournament DVD filmed at Vista del Camino in Scottsdale Arizona. This is the final round of the Memori...
Comcast Sports Covers Disc Golf at Lemon Lake
This bit played on Comcast Sports in the Chicagoland area this past summer. I get to explain some disc golf moves and lingo. Filmed at Scenic Lemon La...
Lemon Lakes Gold Hole 11 ...future site of the 2010 PDGA World Championships
Filmed in late July of 2009, this is hole 11 of the gold course at Lemon Lake. Featuring 4 disc golf courses in one park, Lemon Lake (in Indiana by Ch...
Super Class Disc Golf at Lemon Lake, 2009
Highlights from the Super Class Nationals at Lemon Lake in NW Indiana just south of Chicago. Come Squeeze the Lemon...
May 2, 2010 Loco V
Royal Oak High School Hudson Mills/Flip City Trip
Clips from ROHS's Disc Golf Club's trip to Hudson Mills and Flip City. May 2010.
Mini Aces
Lucky's Mini Tournament - Mini Ace Mini BagTag League by Acerbinky
Glow Discgolf Experiment (timelapse)
Beautiful fall night out at Hudson Mills. Glow disc golfing is a tradition after the last league night here and a hoot to boot. I tagged along with a ...
My First Ace
Hole 8 at Goldenrod in Davison, Michigan. Pay Attention!
Bolt Ace hole 12
Cayce gets an ace!
Get In The Hole - Episode Four
The 4th episode of "Get In The Hole", which is full of random shots from spots I might pass driving and pull out the practice basket. Please keep in m...
Disc Golfing in Michigan
Follow along for a quick 18 holes in Firefighter's Park in Michigan for a quick 18 Holes of Disc Golf. Play Disc Golf; It's Fun! METRO DETROIT DISC GOLF LEAGUE
Tomahawk / Hammer Throw Disc Golf Slow Motion
Todd Griesen throwing a tomahawk throw landing two feet from the basket at Firefighters Park in Troy, Michigan. www.pickyourdisc.com coupon code... METRO DETROIT DISC GOLF LEAGUE
Disc Golf backhand throw in slow motion at Firefighters Park
Todd Griesen throwing backhand at Firefighters Park, MI parking it right next to the basket. www.pickyourdisc.com coupon code: justinsentme METRO DETROIT DISC GOLF LEAGUE