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me tee shot toboggan
hole 11 parked
KT jump putt
hole 3 lakeshore.
Disc golf
Disc golf video uploaded to DiscGolfScene.com
2011/05/10 Ypsi Dubs - the Original Tuesdays - Disc Golf League Round
Some of the action and antics for our Tuesday Ypsi Dubs league round. Part of the Michigan Cooperative Point Series - MiCPS-Summer 2011 Ypsi Dubs 2011 Summer League - The Original - Tuesdays
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knee plant, facebook, count it. Gorilla Tag Invitational
Kenai Eagle Birdie Challenge
Ian and Chris throwing birdies from every yellow tee. 5-25-11 Kenai Disc Golf League
Two Aces Dabney State Park Doubles
Disc golf doubles round at dabney state park in oregon
disc golf
me practicing some disc golf drives
MOVDGC Bag Tag Round @ The Mountwood Monster - 5/20/11
A couple of members of the Mid Ohio Valley Disc Golf Club playing a bag tag round at The Mountwood Monster in Walker, WV. Video was taken on 5/20/11 MOVDGC Bag Tags
the ranch in reno
hole 13, 506 feet to the basket
homemade basket 5
items were from home depot
disc golf almost ace
This video is from last year at the oaks, hole 12. hit the top of the basket. was throwing a esp pulse
Homemade basket 2
basket I made from home depot items
puts putting
wingfoot lake practice basket 5-22-11