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hole 15 at dabney star roadrunner
That noise you hear isn't a plane flying over head. Its the noise my disc makes when I unleash the fury.
night golf at rockwood
my 59th attempt from 5 feet away:)
Dark putt at rockwood
This was either an ace or a 20 foot putt. Since its so dark I'll asume it was an ace:)
another glow golf put at Rockwood
It took 7 BBC photographers working day and night around the clock for 6 months to capture this putt on film.
Steve -O and the car putt
Lake Walcott car putt
DGM63 ClipOne
This is the First clip from five from Disc Golf Monthly's August 2009 Program
DGM59 ClipTwo
This is the second clip of three from DIsc Golf Monthly's coverage of the 9th annual Rockburn Ice Bowl and Chili cookoff
Watch "The Champ" Ken Climo hit a over a 200 foot eagle on the par 4 Genius Hole during the 2010 Beaver State Fling at Milo McIver State Park Disc Gol...
Trumans 1st Ace Ever
Hole 6 at Montiel Park, San Marcos.During 2010 Ace Race.
Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Grip Tips
Four pros -- including 1028 rated phenom Michael Johansen -- show you what's what. Subscribe to the Discraft YouTube channel and you'll always be f...
Disc Golf Mi State Championship Final 9 - Hole 3 - Purple Mando??
Pete drives and then Mike Henry - was that a purple mando? - This is just a quick upload uneditted. Video shot by Chris Gee 2010 Michigan Disc Golf Championship
Disc Golf Mi State Championship Final 9 - Hole 2 - Putts
Mike Raley makes a fantastic putt and the crowd goes wild but Mike Henry drops his in for a push on the skin. - This is just a quick upload un-editte... 2010 Michigan Disc Golf Championship
Lucky shot disc golf shot
Out of the carport - off the dogwood tree - slammed into the basket
Lucky Disc golf up shot
Hit head on basket
Temp disc golf hole - ace run
oregon park marietta ga
Disc Golf Skip attempt accross a lake
I tried to skip a disc accross a lake . . . I failed! But I failed with flair!