Chains Movie - Disc Golf Trailer

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Everybody's asking, what's the movie about? Who's going
to be in it? Its about Disc Golf, yesterday, today and into
the future. Its going to show the sport in a way no one's
ever shown it. Something that'll make you want to go out and
play and something you can bring your friends to to show them
why you love the game so much. As for who's going to be in it,
well, as many people as we can fit. So far we've only
interviewed a few of the people that we want in the film,
we've still got a long way to go. Some are in the trailer, but
we still are going to get a lot more. Its not about a particular
area or group, its about the whole sport and all the great people
who are making it, "The fastest growing sport you never heard of."
Added by Gary Player
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