Disc Golf Drives at Alex Clark

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I am working on my driving. First I try to get my follow through down, then I make a conscious effort not to use my left hand to grab the disc in my reach back... I am still working on both. Also I tend to roll my disc down and back to my reach back position so I think I may need to work on how I pull that back... not sure. Finally from watching this I wonder if I shouldn't start off the pad as it looks like i am shortening my stride to stay on the pad.
Alex Clark Memorial
McKinney, TX, USA
Added by Charles King
Tyler "Shanko" Raemhild › August 16, 2010 at 4:08am
Find "YOUR" throw then work on it. Merch said you've changed your throw because of what other people have told you. Man all i know is once you get your throw down, there's NO way ill be able to keep up. HaHa
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