Rollers - an instructional disc golf video

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Thumb rollers, forehand rollers, backhand rollers, scooby rollers and cut rollers. World champion Dave Greenwell and Daniel Ledford give instruction on how to throw many types of rollers in disc golf. This video was taken at a Louisville Disc Golf Club clinic at our championship course at Charlie Vettiner Park in Louisville, KY.

A 2010 Louisville Disc Golf Production
Added by Eric Lind
Kevin Baldwin › February 10, 2011 at 6:11pm
I can't believe Dave's throwing, my fault, rolling in on those kids.exspecially after explaining he's rolled one in the basket off of a root. Now granted I don't know if he knows them kids or not,but sense it was an instructional video, he should have probably instructed the kids out of the way to start.
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