Beware of the Chouga, Flying Plastic

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Flying Plastic The Movie is a video coming soon that is a story of two groups of disc golfers and the follies that make up their competitive spirit during a weekly round of disc golf. The Professor (Kris Mickelson) and the Crimson Chin (Bryan Van Meter) do battle with upper crust disc-golfer Russell "The Love Muscle" Chadwick and his sidekick, the snotty Steve Mitchell who is being stymied by the Chouga (mythological beast of the jinx).

Another group, the Coors Leaguers, have started the day early and give us a glimpse into their own special world of plastic and beer. This clip is the first in what we hope will be many more short videos created by Single Bullet Theory Productions.

For our first amateur production, we think we did well but the lessons learned during this production will serve to make each new video we create more polished.

This video will also be available on as well as shwag and products for sale. Why did we do this? Simple: we love to play disc golf. To quote the Crimson Chin, "disc golf is the source" and yes there really is a Crimson Chin as well as a Professor and they are the two clowns behind this madness. You havent heard the last of them--theyre just getting started!

Bang Chains America!
Josiah C.O.T.F.C. › April 2, 2010 at 3:40pm
Love It! Reminds me of wednesday leauge... Beware the chouga!

Happy Huckin'
Dennis Clark › April 28, 2010 at 9:46am
you guys took my idea! nice vid.
TOE "Tee Off Even Under Pressure" UP › January 24, 2011 at 6:35pm
man this video is F N funny :0
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