2019 South Florida Open • R4F9 • Chris Dickerson • Thomas Gilbert • Benjamin Stemen • Cole Wehrheim

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2019 South Florida Open presented by Latitude 64
MPO Round 4 • Front 9
Featuring: Chris Dickerson, Thomas Gilbert, Benjamin Stemen, Cole Wehrheim
Commentary: Thomas Gilbert & The Disc Golf Guy
Camera & Edit: Juha Kytö & The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Tradewinds Park, FL

The final round of MPO is upon us and Chris Dickerson appears to have a comfortable lead. However, an open course with a little extra length might provide people like Thomas Gilbert a chance to hunt him down. Gilbert along with two Florida residents, Benjamin Stemen and Cole Wehrheim will round out this final lead card for the event.

Thank you again to the staff and crew in Pat and Juha along with gracious sponsors like Latitude 64 and Tri-Fly Discs.

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Tradewinds Park
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
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