2019 Seth Burton Memorial R2 F9 Schick / Horne / Ellis / Boylan

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2019 Seth Burton Memorial A-tier
Round 2 Front 9 MPO Lead Card
Seth Burton Memorial Disc Golf Course
Fairmont, WV

Disc Golf Examiner is excited to bring you coverage from the 2019 Seth Burton Memorial at Morris Park in Fairmont, WV.

Featured players: Brad Schick (Discraft, Crosslap), Tyler Horne (Discraft), Corey Ellis (Discraft), Steve Boylan (Innova)

TD: Phil Burton, Josh Smith

Cameramen: Bryan Bowman (Tee Cam), Jeff Revilla (Catch Cam)

Photographer and Editor: Brian Keegan

Drone footage provided by: Mountain Craft Productions​

Commentators: Josh Smith and Phil burton

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Thanks to these sponsors:
Convention & Visitors Bureau of Marion County
Fairmont Flyers DGC
Summit Brokerage Services (Phillip Burton, Fairmont, WV)
The Rambling Root
Joe N' Throw
Pricketts Fort
Seth Burton Memorial
Fairmont, WV, USA
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