MVP vs. Axiom 2019

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The MVP vs. Axiom player's packs are ready for action!

The MVP Player's pack will consist of the Neutron Servo fairway driver, the debut of the Proton Deflector Midrange, and the Cosmic Electron Atom Putter.

In counterbalance, the Axiom Player's pack will have the Neutron Crave, the debut of the Prism Plasma Pyro, and the Cosmic Electron Envy putter.

The MVP v Axiom Player's Packs also include an MVP or Axiom Sublimated Towel, Fusion Glow Stick, and MVP or Axiom Wristbands depending on which side you choose.

The MVP vs. Axiom Series is available to be run September 21st through November 17th, 2019.

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