2019 Kalamazoo Open - R2 - B9

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Crew 42 is proud to announce and deliver our first tournament coverage! We got the chance to cover this feature card for the MA1 division players in this years Discraft Kalamazoo Open presented by Discover Kalamazoo.

Crew 42 is dedicated to highlighting the AMAZING disc golf courses we have in the West Michigan area. The channel is committed to creating videos to help players gain insight on West Michigan courses to either prepare themselves for a tournament OR see if they are interested in playing it casually.

This is the back 9 holes of the second round of the Kalamazoo Open. The tournament started at Meyer Broadway's south course and now we have moved to the second course for round two at Vicksburg Recreational Area (VIRA) and we are covering the MA1 division. We are now following a true lead card now as each of these players earned there spot from round 1 at Meyer Broadway. DISCLAIMER ON SCORES: While all three courses from the long tees should be greater than 54 as a par, they are treated as such for score keeping. All bogies, birdies and such are recorded under this assumption (so for example Meyer Broadway south is a par 61 to some cards so a score of 54 might appear to have one more red than green on their card, but for this course that would actually be 7 under par), which means the scores you see the players have in relation to individual holes being under or over par is insignificant to their skill levels. Their total scores are more identifiable to their abilities.

Don't forget to like and subscribe the video, and leave a comment if you have a course you would like to be highlighted or if you want to join Crew 42 for a round and be featured on a card with us. Check out the facebook page (link below) to check for updates when the next opportunity you have to join us on a video or get in touch with us if you want to SPONSOR a video to highlight yourself, a group of guys or a course you want to show off. HAPPY DISCING!

DISCLAIMER! While we strive to produce the best quality videos possible, we are still an amateur group and have limited resources at our disposal to record, produce and edit the videos and audio we put into each video. You may notice small changes in the audio or a shot hasn't been recorded awkwardly and we appreciate your understanding that we are producing these the best we can as of right now, and will improve and get better as time moves on.

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Round 1 - Front 9 Coverage: https://youtu.be/qpWhKw0wLrQ
Round 1 - Back 9 Coverage : https://youtu.be/nXzsMHSAQl4
Round 2 - Front 9 Coverage: https://youtu.be/1oMRA-Nyvig
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