Crew 42 - Disc Golf - 2019 Spring Valley

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Presenting our ninth episode for Crew 42, a Channel dedicated to highlighting the AMAZING disc golf courses we have in the West Michigan area. The channel is committed to creating videos to help players gain insight on West Michigan courses to either prepare themselves for a tournament OR see if they are interested in playing it casually.

This course is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan inside the Spring Valley public park. It is free to get into the park and does have short and long pads for each hole. Unfortunately the pads are either dirt or gravel right now but will hopefully have cement pads in this summer which will cause us to record again. This course is technical enough from the longs to be fun for higher level players while easy enough for beginners from the shorts. It is a great place to go hang out with some friends and try some new shots or make perfect some old techniques. It is a public park so be aware that some walking paths cross some holes, so be sure to share the park.

This video features 5 West Michigan players, 3 of which are all around the same rating (about 900 PDGA rating). All of them great guys and a blast to play with, talk to and enjoy a good disc golf course with.

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DISCLAIMER! While we strive to produce the best quality videos possible, we are still an amateur group and have limited resources at our disposal to record, produce and edit the videos and audio we put into each video. You may notice small changes in the audio or a shot hasn't been recorded awkwardly and we appreciate your understanding that we are producing these the best we can as of right now, and will improve and get better as time moves on.


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