MVP vs The Other Guys

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Hey everyone! This was a really fun idea for a video to film. I hear a lot of trash talk for me throwing mostly MVP and Axiom discs... especially a lot from a buddy of mine (and local Pro) Seth Overbay. He always says that I would play much better if I threw some of the other manufacturers discs. Well, we decided to put this theory to the test. Seth helped me set up a bag full of Innova, Prodigy, and DD discs by comparing flight numbers with the discs in my bag. This way, I had a second bag with similar flight characteristics but from other brands. So we used that list on the course to match what I would throw from my bag to what is in the newly set up bag. I played Rotary DGC (original pins) with both bags to see which bag I would play better with. This was a fun idea for a video and if you have any other fun ideas like this, we would love to hear them! Leave your video ideas in the comments!
Frank Lorino Park
Morristown, TN, USA
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