2017 Battle of the 210 Disc Golf at Oak Grove and Sylmar, Ca.

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Oak Grove and Sylmar, Ca. - Kris Tuaila, Keith Wolter, James Pounds, Chris Calleton, Suzette Simons, Adam McBeth, Josh Bignell, Steven Rico, Keith McBeth, Amanda Rico, Rick Hoffa, Jerry Goff, Dagoberto Bribiesca, Jeff Frost, Martin Padilla, Matthew Clark, Chuck Powell, Adam Hirsch, Brian Kernan, John Babin, Hans Degner, David Olsen, Randall Cook, Forest Howell and more!
Tournament Director - Gary Sandoval
Video Recorded and Edited by Keith Wolter.
Tournament Results - https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/32336
June 3 , 2017.
Veterans Park
Sylmar, CA, USA
Added by Keith Wolter
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