Founders Park DGC Throwing Review with Mike & Ryan!

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Founders Park DGC Throwing Review with Mike & Ryan!

Guys in this video, Ryan and I show you the lines that we take to get to the basket on most of the holes at this course. Come with us on this adventure of shooting for the first time, a disc golf throwing review. We are taking you from hole to hole at Founders Park Disc Golf Course located in southwest Dallas at 1378 N Zang Blvd Dallas, TX 75023. We start on hole 4 and show you our drives all the way to the last hole. Make sure and stay tuned to the end as there are some close ups of almost ACED holes! Ryan actually gets an ace in this round, but it was before we started filming.

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Binary Heavens - Niklas Johansson
Higher Standards (Instrumental Version) - Love Beans

Drone: DJI Mavic Pro
Drone Pilot: Mike Brink
Camcorder: Sony AX53
Writer: Mike Brink
Editor: Mike Brink
Introducing: Ryan Minkoff
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