Avery Jenkins at Visättra Disc Golf Course - may 14, 2013

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Avery Jenkins guesting our weekly disc golf series... may 14 2013 at Visättra Discgolf course in Stockholm/Huddinge Sweden. (various shots from the round - hole# 1-5, 7-18 - "green") http://www.kvds.se/index.php/banan/

Due to some wrong camera settings, the light and color of clips are of varying quality. Sorry about that ... Some correction has been made in the editing. (still learning) ;-)

Filming and editing: Jörgen Brodén - ZeroCoolAce

Music: Martin Tallström - "Spring Of Hope"
(The music is used with permission from Matrin Tallström)

A ZeroCoolAce Discgolf Production - 2013

All right reserved©Jörgen Brodén 2013
Christopher Strasburger › December 4, 2013 at 3:03pm
Great Shots.....Good Music
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