Judd Ace 394ft! Red Rock Park SW Las Vegas Hole#8 3-30-12

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Judd throwing disc golf at Red Ridge Park in SW Las Vegas. Ripped my Nuke OS 165g straight and cutting just above the trees. At about 300ft out it started turning hard left, slowin and coming down. I heard a loud CHANG!!! The basket is mostly hidden behind trees as the question mark-shaped right/left fairway reverse s-turns for a RHBH. Fortunately the trees are less then 3yrs old and we are justing out of winter so I elected to just bomb-it directly over. Had to run up and verify it stayed in. Thanks Lee (dude walking his dog) who heard the ace and then witnessed my celebration! Today was a good day -4under in 9 holes with 3 straight birds and big Ace to boot!.
Added by Judd D
Christopher Strasburger › April 18, 2012 at 12:08am
I bet that was a nice ace. Did not look like 394 feet though
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