Portage Lakes State Park Preview

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This is Portage Lakes State Park Disc Golf Course. It started turning into a disc golf course about a year ago, and the local club has been putting in a tremendous amount of effort to get the course to where it is today. It's a full 18 hole course that features long, demanding holes filled with plenty of obstacles.

Unfortunately I got held up in traffic and lost track of a thumber I threw for fun, and ran out of daylight. I'll probably go back and re-shoot this earlier in the day, but I figured what I had filmed was worth posting.

Like my other video from today, I just brought my Ion putters.

The song is by Six Organs Of Admittance. It's called "Saint Cloud" and is from the album "School Of The Flower."
Portage Lakes DGC
Akron, OH, USA
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Dan'hyzer' Kilgore › January 29, 2012 at 3:49am
that's a pretty sweet video Mike C.
I hope it gives other on lookers the summer feel this winter.
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