Used Latitude 64 E4 bag

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The DG Luxury Backpack is made to carry approximately 20 discs, but it can carry 30 if all compartments are used for discs. We have placed the putter pocket and water bottle pocket holder on each side for easy access. Thanks to the unique front pocket the bag does not tip forward as easy as other backpacks. The clever umbrella holder enables you to carry the bag with the umbrella open. It has a lot of extra pockets and compartments to store your gear. Towels, water bottle, scorecard, pens, keys, phone, wallet, rain gear, umbrella, snacks, mini disc and extra clothes fits without a problem. To summon it up: We got your back!

Used in good shape, no rips, tears, or any damage to it.

Add shipping to the cost. Shipping is around $10-$20.
Avery Ezell   March 28 at 1:41pm

Is this still available?

Noah Kuhl   March 28 at 6:45pm

Yes, send me an email at [email redacted] if you are interested.

Noah Kuhl   April 24 at 12:59am

Still available