For Trade

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Jim Morris   September 30 at 10:50pm

interested in buzz, malta and heat (believe that is one with dragon on it) what you looking for?

Timur Savin   October 1 at 2:52am

I dont have anything to trade or dont want to trade, but I can pay for them? How much for Malta and buzz?

Carter Sisson   October 2 at 2:47am

The dragon disc is a Scorch

Carter Sisson   October 2 at 2:48am

I would do the Malta and the Buzzz for $40 + shipping

Carter Sisson   October 2 at 2:59am

I'd do the same price for the Scorch and Zone

Timur Savin   October 4 at 2:27am

I will trade one of my discs I have for the Malta or Buzz.

Landon Strom   October 6 at 9:25pm

I'm interested in the Buzzz and the Zone

Carter Sisson   October 7 at 4:49am

How much would you be willing to pay?

Timur Savin   October 7 at 2:12pm

I would do $14 shipped for Malta

Carter Sisson   October 11 at 2:20pm

Would you do $16?

Timur Savin   October 11 at 4:04pm

Ill stick to 14

Scott Gross "Team Tilley's"   October 12 at 3:58am

Carter, want to trade for the scorch? What you need? I have a couple buzzes with my wifes art on them from the Michigan State championships. Let me know if interested

Scott Gross "Team Tilley's"   October 13 at 4:24am

I have a friend who loves the scorch and his birthday is coming up, is it still available?