Green FD3

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Used Green FR3
Weight Unknown
Some Ink
Cameron Reed   December 13 at 7:12pm

I'd do $15 for this. How much to have it shipped?

Lee Ireland   December 14 at 8:46pm

it has been costing me between $3-$5 to it $18?

Cameron Reed   December 30 at 3:48pm

Hey sorry to take so long to get back to you. $18 is good with me

Lee Ireland   December 30 at 8:38pm

Sweet, send me the address and the $18 to [email redacted] via paypal

Cameron Reed   January 5 at 2:59pm


Lee Ireland   January 5 at 11:46pm

9500 1105 6218 2005 5300 85 EST Delivery Date 1/10/2022