Missing Discs- Need help finding them!

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My 10 yo son left a stack of about 9 discs outside our house in Canton, MA the weekend of the 18th/19th of September and they were taken. Some of the discs were: Saint (blue and white), old purple Innova Aviar, a Dynamic Disc mold that my daughter designed in Emporia when we were there for jr. worlds so a white disc with her drawing on it, a new putter from a putter only manufacturer that Drew Gibson signed on Labor day, a red MVP Ion and 4 others we aren't sure of. Most of the discs if not all have his PDGA number 122237 on them and our phone number. The saint is from his first tournament win and even has that written on it- not sure why someone would take that and not give it back :( If anyone sees any of these around or has other ideas about how to find these discs I'm all ears. Thank You!