looking for 2019 Ricky Wysocki (raptor) star destroyer

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Ive got a thing for dinosaurs and I can't seem to find this disc. Hit me up if you have one you would like to trade or sell
Jim Morris   April 12 at 10:19pm

I have a used one in good shape, right now I would only be looking to trade for a Ringer GT in soft or Z plastic

Brock Emrick   April 13 at 1:01pm

cool man I don't have one now but it gives me something else to look for, ill let you know

Jim Morris   April 13 at 2:49pm

Thanks, I will hold it for you just in case.

Nicholas Franzen   May 4 at 2:25am

I have a few if you havent found any yet

Brock Emrick   May 5 at 7:20pm

I did pick one up but i may still be interested what do you have?

Gerald Callejas   May 18 at 12:12pm

hey im new here whats up