ISO CT and Rubber Blend Challengers

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Trading for
CT and Rubber Blend Challengers
Looking to trade for CT and Rubber Blend Challengers with no ink. None of the discs pictured have ink. The yellow zone is field-tested.

Red USDGC 2019 Champion Firebird 10/10 175g
Glow Nexus Firefly 10/10 175g
Yellow Z Zone 9/10 173-174g (feels slightly gummy)
Orange Z Zone 10/10 173-174g
Lucas Scott   June 16, 2021 at 8:27pm

If you're still looking for those Challeys Ledgestone dropped some CT Jawbreaker Challengers that are Amazing. Believe they're about $20they're still in stock for many retailers

Landon Strom   April 4 at 1:19am

I am intrested in one of the zones, I have some discs on my page I would trade for.

Christopher Greenhaw   June 15 at 2:38am

intrested in the orange zone