Almost 100 discs for sale. Innova, Discmania, Discraft

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Almost 100 discs for sale, including but not limited to Innova, Discmania, Discraft, custom dyes, missdyes, 2 line aj destroyer, bottom stamp wraiths and destroyers and first run pd2 etc.. heres the link. Message me for any additional questions, pictures etc. Selling only, no trades. Discs are new-used using the 1-10 sleep scale.
David R Snow   January 31 at 4:26pm

Send me an inventory and asking price. David Snow , Raptors Roost!

Ben Tucker   February 1 at 3:46am

thats what the link is for

David R Snow   February 1 at 3:49pm


David R Snow   February 1 at 3:49pm

sorry ..i had to go to my computer.

David R Snow   February 1 at 3:55pm

$500 for all

Carter Sisson   February 2 at 7:00pm

Interested in the Misdye Star Savant for $10. Does this price include shipping??

Ben Tucker   February 8 at 1:53pm

David shoot me a message!

David R Snow   February 12 at 4:22pm

Hey guy... My email is [email redacted] 540-841-8777

Kamil Kowalski   March 10 at 12:04am

Interested in the Raptor, if it's still available.