Zuca Cart for Sale. BRAND NEW IN BOX

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I received this and my bag doesn't fit but the seller wants to charge me the original shipping as well as return shipping so I am looking to sell it instead. It is the Zuca Backpack Cart in Matte Black. It will hold DD Ranger Bags and similar.

Original price is $195 + tax, so this is a great deal.
Keegan Haupt   January 8 at 6:47pm

Does a Sniper fit in this Zuca cart?

Aaron Webb   January 8 at 9:04pm

So the Sniper is 9 x 11 x 18 and the ranger is 9 x 13 x 19 so yes a sniper will fit.

Aaron Webb   January 8 at 9:42pm

From DD website: The Dynamic Discs Backpack Cart fits the following bags. Keep in mind the cart is designed for the bags to fit snugly in order to keep the bag secure inside the cart during use: Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack Dynamic Discs Ranger Latitude 64 DG Luxury E2 Latitude 64 DG Luxury E3

Keegan Haupt   January 8 at 10:20pm

Thank You!