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Hello, we are a group of disc golfers in the different valleys of Colombia, surrounded by Mountains, futbol and A lot of ultimate, we are bringing the disc golf scene live....
BUT.... Disc golf Discs are not available easy in Colombia....

we are looking for clubs or projects, interested in help us to develops, and grow, donate old disc, baskets, and help us to make this time for the disc golf in Colombia and we hope also in all Latinoamérica!
Even if you have a nice tip or advice, do not hesitate to share with us!

Thanks for the time and support on this matter!
n33n0 Mal Vecino   November 23 at 8:56pm

Thanks to Kenneth E. Loukinen and Broward Disc Golf and Palm Beach disc golf clubs for the Donation of used disc for the development of our scene in Colombia! (Valle de aburra) MASTERS!

Joe Paczwa   November 28 at 3:09am

Where can donations and gear be sent?

n33n0 Mal Vecino   November 28 at 3:30am

Joe thansk for your interest.

n33n0 Mal Vecino   November 28 at 3:31am

Clle 49 N #2cn14 B/La Merced Cali - Colombia

n33n0 Mal Vecino   November 28 at 3:32am

Desde la Linea +573215604848 Valle Disc Golf

n33n0 Mal Vecino   February 1 at 6:20pm

Thanks to TRI-FLY discs for the support !

Kevin Raney   2 days ago

Hello, I would like to help out. What help do you still need?