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Trading for
Looking for any wasp or drones in ti plastic and jawbreaker wasp. Also interested in any halo leopards.
Never thrown 2 - NS Firefly's, 2 - pro rhyno's and a CE Valkyrie in great condition, has ink on inside rime. Also have a used, in excellent condition, Mcbeth Finnish bottom stamp luna.

Prefer trades, so what ya got ?
Marc Carls   November 17 at 8:39pm

I have an Eric McCabe 2010 TI Wasp

James Morris   November 22 at 3:34am

DEFINITELY INTERESTED, what would you want for it

James Morris   November 27 at 7:04pm

Marc Carls awesome deal thanks

Darren Harper   January 4 at 10:29pm

If you ever want to buy ti drones look me up. Thanks

James Morris   January 6 at 11:27pm

Definitely interested have pics and a price in mind ??