48 Discs FSOT! 2017 Sexton Firebird, Vibram, Luna’s, Discmania, Discraft, Prodigy, MVP, Lots of Innova.

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Trading for
Cash offers most of all
Any Halo Discs
Any Metal Flake Innova or Trilogy Discs
Any Nikko Locastro Signature Series Discs
Any DD Marvel themed or American Flag dyed discs
Any Vibram Discs

Any Judges or Wardens
Any of MVP Ions

DGA Quake
DGA Titanic
Kastaplast Berg or Kaxe-Z
Lat 64 Explorer
Discmania Magician
Discraft Cyclone
Salient Prometheus
Yikun Hammer
Discraft Zones and Z-Lunas
Viking Ragnarok
Innova TL
Discmania Shadow Titan
Prodigy F7, X5, D5, D6
Lat 64 Maul
Infinite Discs Destiny
E-Mac Truth
DD Freedom
DD Justice
DGA Tempest
Hyzerbomb Moab
Axiom Tenacity, Vanish
MVP Volt, Orbital
Innova Shryke
Innova Sonic
Lat 64 Beetle
Daredevil Sasquatch
Disc descriptions will be in comments. Feel free to PM or comment any questions!
Josh B   October 6 at 10:13pm

Pic 1: 173-174g Luna, 173g-174 Luna, Swirly ESP Vulture 175-176g, Kevin Jones Signature H2V2, 2017 Sexton Firebird, First Run Raptor, Color-Glow Firebird, Vibram O-Lace, Vibram Lace

Josh B   October 6 at 10:14pm

Pic 2: Z-Heat, Discraft ESP FLX XL, First Run Vulture, Discraft XS, Discmania FD, Discmania MD3, Discmania P2, DDX, Prodigy Pa-4

Josh B   October 6 at 10:16pm

Pic 3: MVP ATOM, MVP ATOM, Burst Dagger, Bard, DX Aviar Halloween, XT Mako3, Dyed Archon, Star Starfire, Valerie Jenkins Signature Starfire

Josh B   October 6 at 10:18pm

Pic 4: Blizzard Destroyer, Pro Destroyer, Star Destroyer, G-Star Aviar, G-Star Destroyer, Star Beast, Champ Valkyrie, Champ Shark3, Champion Sidewinder, Star Teebird, Champion Tern, NiteEyes Light-up Driver

Josh B   October 6 at 10:19pm

Pic 5: DX Plastics: Dart, PFN Wraith, PFN Beast, Valkyrie, Orc, Leopard, Leopard, Shark, Cobra

David Galvin   October 7 at 11:41am

I'm interested in the 2017 Firebird, pair of Lunas, and maybe PFN Wraith. I have a white w/ colored dots 167 XLG Vibram Notch and a orange Vibram O-lace with no weight written on the back. Notch is brand new and O-lace has a little ink on the back of it. I also have a few MVP Open MVP disc. I believe a 162g Wave and 172g Envy.

LeeWood Thomas   October 15 at 12:36pm

Josh I'm interested in your last disc in pic 1, the Lace in blue, orange, and white.

LeeWood Thomas   October 15 at 12:36pm

David Galvin, if Josh isn't interested in your white Notch then I am. Thanks

Richard Buck   October 20 at 2:12am

How much for both the Lunas shipped??

Richard Buck   October 20 at 3:29pm

Are the Lunas available??

David Galvin   October 20 at 5:07pm

Richard, I know one is not available because I traded for it.

Richard Buck   October 20 at 6:22pm

Is the other one still available??

Richard Buck   October 20 at 6:24pm

I have a 2018 Big Jerm Thunderbird

David Galvin   October 22 at 2:32pm

I'd be interested in trading the luna for Big Jerm. Feel free to reach out to me.

Zach Sisson   7 hours ago

is the g-star aviar still availible and the innova champ sidewinder i'd pay 18 for both.