Discs FSOT Discmania, Vibram, Discraft XS, Innova PFN Beast, Lat 64 etc.

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Trading for
Looking for any trade offers and prefer to trade 2 or more at a time.

I am just getting back into the sport so have a wide variety of wants. Looking to trade for:

Almost any Innova Metal Flake or Halo plastic disc, or any glow disc that isn't the normal white/off-white. I prefer brighter colors if possible as I land in bushes a lot...

TeeBirds, TLs, TeeBird3s, Firebirds, Gator3

Kastaplast Kaxe/Kaxe Z,LOTS

Infinite Disc Pharoh

DGA Quake

Z Buzz

Hyzerbomb Mortar

Also interested in Sky Gods, Cloud Breakers, etc but not getting my hopes up.

This is just a quick list, I am interested in hearing all offers and especially would love to try discs from small brands I have no heard of. Also willing to listen to cash offers, but not sure what many of these are worth.
List for Discs for trade: all are around a 7-8 on the sleepy scale. More pics upon request.

Pic 2:
Discmania C-Line DDX, S-Line TD 165g, Big-Z Discraft XS, VIbram Medium O-Lace 169g, Medium Lace 165g, Double Stamp Moonshine Eclipse,

Pic 3:
Innova PFN Beast w/ wiped stamp, Pro Destroyer 175g, Latitude 64 DecoDye Halo 164g, Champion Boss 170g, Blizzard Champ Boss 135g, Opto Bolt 171g
Antonio DiazDeleon   August 30 at 10:30pm

How much for the halo

David Galvin   August 31 at 11:41am

Interested in the Destroyer and possibly the TD as well. I have a bunch a disc at home, but I know I have a champion tiedie teebird and firebird.

Josh B   August 31 at 1:18pm

Antonio, I am not sure. Feel free to make an offer. I haven't seen any others like it. Let me know if you want more pictures.

Josh B   August 31 at 1:19pm

David, I would be up for a trade for sure. Let me know what else you have even if it isn't in my want list, but I would definitely like to see pics of the Teebird and Firebird.

Ace Tipton   September 5 at 3:11pm

Im really intrested in the lat64 bolt i been looking for 1 for my good buddy.. I buy 10 bucks for it just alone..

Josh B   September 6 at 11:21pm

Beast, Bolt, Bosses, Halo are all sold

Carter Sisson   October 20 at 6:35pm

I'm interested in the ddx