CE Valkrie, 4x zones and crystal lunas

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Trading for
Anax and stalkers
Mcbeth 4x first run zones, first run zeus, first run anax, first run buzzz, first run undertaker, first run force
Proto lunas, zeus', anax, malta's
5x crystal lunas
2- pro rhyno's
A Paige Pierce pre-flight

also havew a CE Valkrie in great condition, some ink

looking for reasonable offers or trades on one or all

NO MAILING, pick up only
James Morris   August 21 at 3:12am

having a hard time figuring out this picture thing : (

Christian Holstege   August 21 at 9:41am

Price on the 5x cryztal lunas?

Christian Holstege   August 21 at 9:41am

Also curious on the Paige putter

James Morris   August 21 at 9:37pm

$100 on Lunas each and $60 on Paige putter. Nothing in stone.

Christian Holstege   August 24 at 10:30am

You may want to include where you are located as it says pick up only. Thanks, but i will pass at that price, especially since they are not able to be mailed.

James Morris   August 27 at 2:54pm

Sorry guys, I am in Portland Oregon area

James Morris   August 27 at 2:55pm

Very flexible on pricing

David Galvin   September 8 at 5:49pm

I have a really nice Anax I would be willing to trade for that pink Buzzz, but would have to be shipped to Massachusetts. If it's a trust thing, I can always mail mine first and you can mail yours whenever you receive it.

James Morris   September 11 at 12:20am

Not a trust thing with people, I have had too much get lost in the mail and don't trust the mail system. Sorry

Chris Kibbe   September 11 at 5:01pm

if you change your mind on shipping I'm very interested in the valkyrie thanks

David Galvin   September 12 at 8:04pm

Same as well with the Buzzz.