1000 discs. Almost full new Innova run. Good amount of discraft and legacy too. Some used discs available too at discounted price.

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Message me on Instagram @discdays or text my number 3236405425 to either set up a video call inventory walkthrough or request pictures. I will ship anywhere in the United States.
Robert Wright   August 11 at 2:29am

Do you have any Prodigy?

Christian Holstege   August 13 at 10:32am

Any westside molds? also what discraft molds?

Jeff Allen   August 29 at 1:32pm

I ordered 10 putters from Willem. He made a great recommendation for my purchase and also hooked up one of my friends with a full bag. Prices are more than fair and shipping is USPS. Will buy from again.

Anthony Skerik   September 4 at 8:23am

Hey do u have any left

James Morris   September 7 at 12:38am

any discraft raptors, anax, or stalkers ?

chase lemieux   September 25 at 6:19pm

what disc do you have left do you have any cranks

Rob Raincock   October 2 at 6:42pm

looking for an Innova Mamba... new or used, in any plastic

Jake P.   October 11 at 2:30pm

I am looking for a TD2 by Discmania. Do you have one?

James G   October 16 at 9:08pm

Old or new zones and zeus ?

Carter Sisson   October 20 at 1:29am

Any overstable midranges or Lunas??

James Morris   November 3 at 10:56pm

no response.....I think he is dead...

Keegan Haupt   November 9 at 1:48pm

Do you have any GStar Rhyno's, Tour Series Raptors, Lucid Escapes, or Lucid Trespasses?