Discraft Z Buzzzz / slight dome / STIFF

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Discraft Elite Z Buzzz
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Trading for
Was my first disc, but I never liked the STIFF DOME I bought before I knew. I liked the Tie Die. 173G Water Foil Stamp
Robin White   July 17 at 7:01am

Is this a skinny or fat tooled Buzzz?

Todd Cavender   July 17 at 11:28am

How can I tell?

Robin White   July 18 at 2:59am

does it have lettering on the inside rim?

Todd Cavender   July 20 at 8:00pm

sorry for the delay, yes there is BUZZZ lettering in the inside rim

Michael Zeno   July 27 at 5:07pm

Interested, where are you located?

Todd Cavender   July 28 at 2:12am

Dearborn, but I travel to any course in the metro area as well. Any excuse to play

Michael Zeno   6 days ago

I'm in Melbourne , Fl. Ship?

Todd Cavender   2 days ago

Hello Michael, yes I will ship. Send $20 and I will get it in the mail. PayPal/Venmo