Lunas for trade

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Trading for
Jawbreaker comet
Jawbreaker roach
DX eagles (older runs in good condition)
I have two prototype lunas and a 5x Z luna for trade.
All discs have ink but are in good shape 8/10 total
Robin White   4 days ago

do you have any pictures? would you sell them and if so, how much and what weights are they

Emmett Messer-Kruse   4 days ago

i just added a picture of all three

Emmett Messer-Kruse   4 days ago

they are all 173-174 as far as price DM me

Christopher Monroe   3 days ago

I don't believe they make the Comet in jawbreaker but I have a pretty good condition Z Comet I'd trade

Emmett Messer-Kruse   3 days ago

they do its just a ledgestone exclusive disc

Grant Ruhl   3 days ago

Would you sell them? How much?