Discs for Sale

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Hello, all! A shoulder injury has slowed me down so I've got some discs for sale. Happy to meet up in Nashville or ship. All used, some very lightly.

Champion Beast 171g - $8

Blizzard Champion Wraith 154g - $8

Star Vulcan (can't remember the weight on this, on the heavier side) - $4

Star Lite Boss 150g - $8

Star Valkyrie 168g - $8

Champion Thunderbird 175g - $6

Star Coyote (lost the weight, almost positive it's 180g) - $8

Craze 175g - $8

Cyclone 170 to 172g - $4
Robin White   May 29 at 9:34pm

Can you send me a closer picture of that Cyclone please?

Michael A. Crouch   June 15 at 1:58am

im interested in that Blizzard Champion could you send me a pic of just that one