Trading or Selling: Blue w/ Silver Westside Shield

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Trading for
Feel free to send me other Discraft. I might be interested.
So I won this disc yesterday and I don't throw them and I do not plan on throwing this one. It is new, no name, never thrown. I'd give it 9.5/10.

I throw Discmania so honestly willing to trade this for almost anything discmania. I putt with P2s so if you have any in similar condition that would be ideal so we are trading same value disc, but I'm not opposed to checking out anything discmania or Buzzz's.

Let's see what ya got. Feel free to email me at [email redacted] with pictures of disc. I'll respond whether I'm interested or not because I hate leaving people hanging. I will delete the post when it is no longer available.

Any more questions? Comment below or reach out through email.